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Hair Grooming Practices

High Risk Styling Practices

  • Frequent use of tight buns or ponytails

  • Applications of weaves and/ or braids to relaxed hair

  • Hair extensions applied to relaxed hair

  • Tight braids, cornrows, locs (frequent and tight re-twisting/ “palm rolling”)

  • Tight scarves worn during the day or at night to bed

  • Any style causing any symptoms such as pain, inflamed red skin, stinging, crusting, tenting, or pimples

Moderate Risk Styling Practices

  • Loosening of braids/ cornrows/ locks

  • Weaves and braids applied to natural hair

  • Hair extensions applied to natural hair

  • Wigs worn with cotton or nylon wig caps

  • Permanent weaving

Low Risk Styling Practices

  • Loose, low hanging ponytails and buns

  • Wigs worn loosely with satin caps

  • Natural unprocessed hair

  • Very loose twists and braids

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