PEP Factor Therapy: Benefits of PepFactor for skin

PepFactor can help people attain clearer and/or younger looking skin, reduce wrinkles, diminish scarring and eliminate acne. PepFactor for skin is typically used to treat the following:

Full face rejuvenation
Acne treatments
Skin brightening
Fine lines
Sagging skin
Stretch marks
Crepey skin
Under eyes
Front, side and back of the neck
Skin tightening
Dark eye circles
Back of hands
Wrinkly knees
Collagen regeneration

PEP Factor Therapy: What is PepFactor?

PepFactor is the world’s first uniquely formulated protein that stimulates fibroblasts. This natural formulation works to offer youthful-looking properties for skin and for scalp rejuvenation for those experiencing hair loss. It is a proprietary blend of peptides containing 146 amino acid protein that bing to fibroblast growth factor receptor to activate the proliferation pathway. This helps to stimulate the proliferation of stem cells and triggers cell growth, tissue repair, and angiogenesis. PepFactor stimulates the assembly of natural fibroblasts in the skin, which dramatically increases collagen and elastin. This synergy creates an unsurpassed rejuvenating for both skin and scalp. The thing that makes PepFactor unique is the 146 amino acid polypeptide chain because it is the only bio-identical, mature protein available currently.

PEP Factor Therapy: Is PepFactor safe?

- The safety and tolerability PepFactor has been demonstrated

PEP Factor Therapy: Benefits of PepFactor for Hair

- Organic scalp rejuvenation - Affordable and effective alternative to transplant - Non-surgical - Long-lasting results - Easy procedures - Results within a couple of weeks from your first PepFactor treatment.

PEP Factor Therapy: How is the PepFactor procedure performed?

Microneedling is performed using a DermaPen Device. The PepFactor Serum is applied to the scalp/ skin and used as a gliding medium. Treatments are done every 7-10 days. A numbing agent may be applied prior to treatment.

PEP Factor Therapy: How long does it take to see improvements?

Noticeable results have been reported in as little as 14 days. Since this is such a new treatment, it’s unknown how long until the peak effect is seen, or how long the results will last.

PEP Factor Therapy: How frequently do I have to do my treatments?

- Facial Rejuvination: Once every 4 weeks days for minimum of 4 treatments - Scalp /Hair Loss: Once every 7-10 days for minimum of 6 - 8 treatments (the more the thinning the greater minimum treatments) - After the minimum treatments are completed then you are monitored for improvement for 3-6 months - Boosters are needed every 4 -12 months after initial minimum treatment to maintain results

PEP Factor Therapy: PepFactor for Hair Loss/Rejuvenation

Many factors can lead to hair loss, including genetics, nutrient deficiency, stress, and the wrong products. Pep Factor is a state of the art technological solution for scalp rejuvenation that can help treat up to stage 5 hair loss. Having an ample amount of collagen in the scalp stimulates the hair follicles and improves hair growth. These results happen quickly in a matter of a few weeks. Thankfully, PepFactor is a natural way to rejuvenate the scalp, and it can be safely used in conjunction with other therapies to promote hair growth.

PEP Factor Therapy: What is the cost?

PRICE LIST $650 per session $2500 for package of 4 $3690 for package of 6 $4800 for package of 8 ------ PROMOTION SUMMER 2021 (May 1, 2021 - September 1, 2021) $550 per session $2100 for package of 4 $3090 for package of 6 $4000 for package of 8 ------ DEPOSIT $250 deposit required to schedule the appointment.