Osei-Tutu Dermatology is one of the first practice in the area to offer SmartGraft, a hair restoration technology for both men and women. This brand new procedure results in a full and natural-looking hairline with none of the downtime or visible scars associated with traditional hair transplants. The SmartGraft system makes the hair transplant process easier, quicker, less discomfort, and more successful—the viability of each graft is improved by the innovative “SmartHarvest” collection process that can be individually programed fit each patient’s needs.

This breakthrough hair restoration system automates the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method of harvesting the grafts, making it more affordable for patients and less labor intensive for surgeons. Using the SmartGraft, a surgeon gently extracts grafts from the donor area in the back of the head; the hair in this area is genetically programmed not to thin or fall out. With the SmartGraft, hair can be removed from other parts of the body as well. The graft is then automatically counted, sorted, and stored in a temperature controlled holding area while awaiting implantation. The graft is then placed in the balding or thinning area. The implanted hair follicles then produce normal new growth several months after the procedure.

Benefits of the SmartGraft System

• Faster healing time with virtually no discomfort. 

• Less time in the doctor's chair.

• Healthier hair grafts and better results.

• No buzz cut required for many

• More transplant options (body hair, facial hair, eyebrows)

• Ideal for both men and women.

• Natural looking, permanent results.