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Women of Color Hair Loss Educational Symposium

It is estimated that hair loss affects over 20 million women. Hair is considered one of the most important and defining aspects of the human experience. Hair loss or alopecia often has adverse psychosocial effects on self- esteem and identity. There are many types of hair loss and some disproportionately affect women of color. Many studies have suggested that hair-grooming practices may contribute to and exacerbate various kinds of hair loss in women of color. We see many patients with alopecia and we often find it difficult to convince a patient to adjust a hairstyle in order to save their hair and treat their scalp. In addition, many patients are unaware of the impact that their lifetime grooming practices, among other factors, has on their hair loss.

There are looming questions surrounding the causes and treatments of alopecia.  Unfortunately, there are limited research funds allocated to this area.  We encourage all to donate to the Cicatricial Alopecia Research Foundation and the North American Hair Research Society.  These are wonderful organizations dedicated to hair loss research and education. We hope through research we can find more answers for women dealing with alopecia.

The purpose of this Fund-Raising Educational Symposium hosted by Dermatologists Drs. Osei-Tutu and Boakye will be to discuss and educate women of color about alopecia and to provide tips about proper care and hair loss prevention