Thank you for choosing Osei-Tutu Dermatology for your hair transplant procedure. We are excited to start you on your journey to hair restoration.

Please see more information about the procedure.


1) Out of town guests

·       Airports

·       Hotels     

2) Prior to surgery

  • ·Address: 560 Northern BLVD (or 200 Lakeville Road for GPS), Suite 204A, Great Neck NY 11021.  Brick building with large white columns behind the Gulf gas station

·       Please see Pre-op sheet for more details (Contact office, once deposit is made)

At least one month prior to surgery

  •   Clinical examination and labs

One week prior to surgery

  • Stop taking blood thinners
  • Stop taking any and all vitamins

·Two to three days prior to surgery

  •  No alcoholic beverages
  • No Ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin), Aspirin
  • Stop using Rogaine or any other topical medications
  • Can wash the hair
  • Pay the balance for surgery- Staff will contact you
  • We will electronically send/ and or mail (if mail then 7-4 days prior) in your medications (including pain medications) for your surgery. PLEASE BRING ALL MEDICATIONS IN THE DAY OF SURGERY!!

 Day of surgery: These are approximate times only

  • · MUST eat breakfast prior to coming in for the surgery
  •  6:15 AM: Arrive to fill out review consents and fill out paperwork
  •  Please note if you need a break at any time during the procedure, the staff is happy to walk you to the bathroom or the waiting room or for a brief walk in the office.  This can not be done while we are removing the donor area

3) Post-operative

  •  We will review with you on the day of surgery including how to style the hair and protect the grafts