Initial Hair Loss Consultation

In an effort to maximize your initial hair loss visit


  • Give a good history: Although most hair loss doctors can diagnose many hair loss conditions upon examination; a detailed history can help us to differentiate more complicated conditions.

    • History of the hair loss (including when it started, how its gotten worse, associated life events or grooming practices), family history of hair loss, previous and current hair styles, previous diagnoses and treatments (including hair transplants, platelet rich plasma, scalp injections, light therapy and medications) and by other doctors, and any over the counter/ natural remedies

  • Provide old pictures of hair when when was more "normal" if available

  • Provide (images or bring in to office) all medications, especially any current hair loss medications and vitamins

  • Provide (images or bring to office) all current hair grooming products

  • Provide (fax prior to visit and/ or bring to office) previous clinical exam notes, blood work and scalp biopsies if available

  • Don't wash your hair 48 hours prior to your visit.

  • Come to visit with hair loose and in its "natural state": Please remove any hair attachments (braids, weaves, glue, attached wigs), hair updo's, hair camouflage, hair products at least 48 hours prior to your visit. If you have locs, please wear down and out.

  • Remove (or be prepared to remove) any eyebrow or face makeup.